Microsoft tightens privacy policy after admitting to reading journalist's email from Hotmail account

After a shock from security advocates, technology companies will now seek lawful attorneys before analyzing customer mailbox quality.

Microsoft took care of its protection approach in the context of confessing the perusing message from the Hotmail account while finding a hole.

The new guidelines keep the organization from snooping on customer intersections without convincing the two lawful groups, exempting interior inspectors, that they have confirmed enough to get a court arranged arrangement. of the necessities.

The organization did not apologize for the pursuit.

John Frank, the company's vice president and agent, says that the scope of the case in the Guardian and elsewhere, Microsoft needs to "make more settings regarding how we approach these issues for the part. How big and how are we growing our arrangement.

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"The court did not order someone to seek for it, because it clearly did not require it," he proceeded.

"So, no matter when we believe we have reasonable justification, it can not be achieved to ask a court to arrange us to look at us. Our direct email hunting and other client administration unless the conditions are legally available to a court of law, in the case of access. "

And in addition to requesting an internal and external investigation of the evidence, Frank added a guarantee to limit any future tasks "to the problem under supervision and not to search for other data." Finally, he said that the company would start "reporting information on the number of tasks led and the number of client accounts affected" in a simple semi-annual report.

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"The main special case for these vehicles will be for the Microsoft workers' exams we found during the inspection period that organizations are using their own profiles for Microsoft businesses." , Frank closed. "Moreover, in these cases, the survey will be kept for the subject of the exam."

The basic investigation took place in September 2012, when the organization tried to find out who made a mysterious blogger source code for Windows 8, its next and upcoming framework. It found out that bloggers are using Microsoft Hotmail email addresses and they used it to send the code to outsiders.

"After asserting that the information is Microsoft's proprietary formula, on September 7, 2012, Microsoft's Office of Legal Integrity (OLC) has advocated pulling the blogger's Hotmail account," the home Executive FBI Armando Ramirez III said.

The client's assurance of maintaining any power is necessary to accomplish such hunting, even after the progress that Frank has made. "We can get data about you, including your exchange content, to ensure the rights or property of Microsoft," it demonstrates.

News of the investigation started reacting promptly after the guardian provided details related to Thursday. Parker Higgins, a dissident for San Francisco-based EFF, said the choice was a "terrible move" and that he "was reeling from Microsoft's story. Careful about government and business secret work is a risk. "

Microsoft has made a more PR hit because email security is an important weapon in the fight against Google's dominance.

In the "Scroogled!" Crusade, it stressed that " [Hotmail alternative interests] organize your security ... Your email is not someone else's job." It even provides a requirement for customers to "advise Google to stop! Tell them that they should not experience your email."

Full speech by John Frank, vice president and agent of Microsoft

We believe email accounts are and will be private. The heck has been limited to a special set. While we took uncommon activities for this situation in light of the particular conditions and our worries about the respectability that would affect our clients, we would give an extra setting in regards to how we approach these issues. .

The court did not order anyone to look at themselves, as apparently did not ask for it. So, no matter when we believe we have reasonable justification, it can not be done to ask a court ordering us to seek ourselves. To do so, we should not even direct our very own pursuit of email and other client governments unless the conditions of a court of law sort out, in the accessible opportunity. . With a specific end goal to expand our current practices and provide assertions for the future, we will do this after the preceding arrangement:

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