Microsoft recognizes that there are problems with Hotmail services with Hotmail services

On the morning of this Tuesday, users reported difficulties in social networks to access some of the Microsoft services such as Hotmail, Skype and One Drive, in different countries including Colombia.

According to the reports, when trying to access a message appears in which it reads: "Something did not go well. The server can not start your session now. Try it again later".

"Microsoft has been out of service for more than an hour worldwide. Neither Skype, One Drive, Xbox,  ... Nothing works. It's global, "the user commented on Twitter @MrKaytos

On the other hand, @Brancomar wrote: "Has someone else unlinked your #hotmail #outlook account from the iPhone? And was it deleted by registered contacts?

From @MicrosoftHelps, the company's support account on Twitter, they recognized that there is a problem due to a system update. They say they are working on the issue to find a quick solution. "We are aware of the problem and we are trying to solve it, please be patient".

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