How to put Hotmail or Outlook in Portuguese

The Outlook, if not called a Hotmail, use the middle media options to create the record of the Microsoft as major. If you can be may, you can choose the selected option or because the reason is not defined, your mailbox at another method, you can change to Portuguese Portuguese. Please look the Outlook out of the Outlook using the method of us.

Stepwise tutorial to get mail from Hotmail and in Mac OS X Mail

Giai đoạn 1. Truy cập vào Outlook account của bạn và in the mailbox, nhấp vào "English (Hoa Kỳ)" or name of the current method;

Giai đoạn 2. Summary the methods that Outlook can access will be chồng lên nhau. Select the selected "Bồ Đào Nha (Brazil)";

Giai đoạn 3. End, last end and shot "Phụ tùng".

Normal. Dọc theo the following line, the Outlook interface will be using Portuguese Bồ Đào Nha or by your preferred language.

Gmail or Outlook: best choice là gì? Note on Diễn đàn TechTudo.


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