In the affair, Hotmail has a conflict of interest, but no elements of the criminal act?

Andrej Plenkovic has the support of all coalition partners and it is not questionable the survival of the prime minister, and hence the government, said Glavas

Prime Minister Plenkovic invested all his political capital in the case of Agrokor, or a state intervention, by lex Agrokor, to rescue the group of Ivica Todoric when he threatened bankruptcy last spring. The private-sector crisis, due to the number of employees and the importance it has for the Croatian economy, turned into the country's number one issue, as well as the political affair, which cost Deputy Prime Minister Martino Dalić . After yesterday's meeting with the prime minister, HDSSB president Branimir Glavasstated that Andrej Plenkovic has the support of all coalition partners and that the survival of the prime minister, and hence the government, is not questionable. Asked who could bring down Plenkovic, Glavaš replied that it could only be "the one who gathered more hands".

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Adversity in conflict of interest However, with the resignation of Martina Dalić, the position of Prime Minister Plenković was weakened because now he became the target of all attacks, and besides, as Head of Government Plenkovic had to be referred to who was in the team that Martina Dalić gathered to advise on writing the law . The problem is that this team for the government worked informally and pro bono, but by the entry into force of the law it has made good efforts to restructure Agrokor. It is quite clear that recruiting "writers" of lex on consulting jobs in Agrokor is about a classical conflict of interest. But the other question is whether it is in the Hotmail affair , or in the emails (convey Martina Dalic with the consultants) who have come to the public of the elements of the criminal offense. Although DORH examining "the relevance of published information," sources close to the investigation say that the e-mails available now have no elements of the criminal offense. - In order for the DORH to go to the criminal offense, in these mails, it should be written, that is to say, that Martina Dalić agreed with the team that he would work on the law free of charge, but that he would be charged by taking employment in Agrokor . But that's not in emails - our source claims. - The conflict of interest - continues the same source - is evident and there is no dispute. The index of the vice-president of the government published by the Index reveals that some consultants, such as lawyer Boris Šavorić, were in conflict of interest. Namely, Savic worked at the same time for the Russian bank VTB , the lender of Agrokor, but also for the Government, which he himself wrote in e-mails. It is also interesting that certain consultants from Martina Dalić (Borg Group) have already been engaged to advise the Government on the purchase of INA. When Croatia lost its arbitration with MOL in Geneva in 2016, the prime minister tried to repair the damage with the promise that the government will redeem it. The concept was that Ina redeems the initial public offer of 25 percent of HEP shares, and in this work the government should consult a part of the team from Hotmail. "When the crisis escalated in Agrokor, this team, strengthened by additional consultants, just moved to Agrokor," said our source. 'Plenkovic is the Second World' The fate of Prime Minister Plenkovic depends on mails that might still appear. If the prime minister gets deeper into the informal group of consultants, the pressure of the public, as well as the HDZ, will be on it, and its position may be questionable. - If Plenkovic becomes questionable, then HDZ will be a fratricidal war , on the one hand led by Milijan Brkić and the other Plenkovic team . And if Plenković completely withdrew, the HDZ would again be completely divided. Anyone who thought of Plenkovic, he is a completely different world compared to those in the HDZ - commented one member of the Presidency. "It is important for us to secure a settlement, in the coming days to define the name of the new minister and to ensure that the government continues its work," said Gordan Jandroković, the HDZ Secretary General and the Speaker of Parliament on Wednesday. - Martina Dalić has made the only possible, politically responsible decision to resign . It is not a pleasant situation, but it does not have to be liked now. We need to be responsible, to bring the settlement to an end, to be just. Agrokor needs to be stable, and jobs should be protected - said Milijan Brkić, deputy chief of HDZ. He also said that "Plenkovic for all the processes that took place within the informal group did not know".


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