How to access my Hotmail mail from another computer

Hotmail is perhaps the best known email service. It was acquired in 1997 by the giant Microsoft. It is free and evolves continuously. Nowadays, Hotmail offers countless possibilities of communication and entertainment. On we will see how to access Hotmail mail from a computer that is not yours.

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Steps to follow:


To be able to surf the Internet outside the connection, we need a browser. Usually, all equipment comes with a browser already installed and in most cases it is Internet Explorer . You'll recognize it because it's an icon with a tiny blue-sky e surrounded by a yellow ring.


Other well-known browsers: Mozilla Firefox (whose icon is an orange fox surrounded by a blue sphere), Google chrome (whose icon is a fragmented sphere in 4 parts, red, green and yellow on the outside and a blue circle inside).

At first, look for these icons on the desktop . They can also be in the taskbar or in the "Start" menu.


Once you have found the computer's browser, click on its icon. A page will open.


In the upper part, there is an address that usually starts with http: // . Register following:


You will be redirected to a page where to initiate your session (username and password).

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