10 questions from Hotmail users about Outlook.com

On July 31, we reported our new cloud email benefit: Outlook.com. It is a cutting edge mail benefit with a new and natural outline, it additionally interfaces with Facebook, Twitter, and soon with Skype. To exacerbate the situation, work straightforwardly with Office and SkyDrive notwithstanding organizing the security of clients. Here we answer the best 10 questions we have gotten from Hotmail clients.

1. Is Outlook.com another name for Hotmail?

No. Viewpoint is another email benefit in the cloud. We have taken in a considerable measure from the over 15 long periods of task of Hotmail, in spite of the fact that this is an absolutely new administration. To find out about the new highlights visit this blog entry .


2. What will happen to my current Hotmail account? Will vanish?

Your record won't vanish. For the time being, Hotmail will keep on working for individuals who utilize it. Hotmail clients can move up to Outlook.com and get another experience yet will proceed to get and send messages from their @ ​​hotmail.com account. The records @ hotmail.com don't vanish can in any case be utilized as a part of Outlook.com.


3. How would I redesign from Hotmail to Outlook.com?

· Enter to http://outlook.com

· Enter your current Hotmail account (@ hotmail.com, @ msn.com, @ live.com, and so on.) Ready!

4. Do I require another record and another secret word to get to Outlook.com?

Clients who refresh may utilize the same username/watchword they use in Hotmail to get to Outlook.com. For instance once in Outlook.com in client you will place: micuentadesiempre@hotmail.com In secret word you enter MIpaSSw0RDde51emprE

5. At the point when do I begin utilizing my Hotmail account with Outlook.com does it imply that I have another record? Presently I have two email accounts?

Refreshing does not mean having another record. On the off chance that you updated from Hotmail to Outlook.com it's anything but another email account, it is the same Hotmail account. Sooner or later all Hotmail clients will be moved to the new Outlook.com.

6. Do I lose my data when I move from Hotmail to Outlook.com?

The greater part of your data will be accessible in the new Outlook.com interface. You won't lose any of your messages, contacts or arrangements on your date-book. The order of inbox envelopes, message classes and other association rules is likewise kept up. You don't have to do any additional progression, when you enter Outlook.com your past data of Hotmail is kept.

7. What would it be a good idea for me to do to have a record in Outlook.com?

In the event that you have just moved up to Outlook.com, you may need another record in the @ Outlook.com area. This is totally discretionary and you can simply utilize the administration with your present record @ hotmail.com.

There are two different ways to have another address @ outlook.com. The first is making a false name for your Hotmail account, which implies you can give another email account with the area @ outlook.com yet the messages will come to your @hotmail account as common and you can send messages from any of the Two records, you pick. Along these lines you can design another address, for instance: minuevo.email@outlook.com (in this connection you will discover data on the most proficient method to make an assumed name).

The second way is renaming your record ( here more data on the best way to do it). This implies to enter Microsoft administrations, for example, Xbox Live, SkyDrive, Windows Phone and your email account you will never again do as such with miusuariodesiempre@hotmail.com and you would do as such with minuevousuario@outlook.com . You will in any case get the messages that you send to your Hotmail account however you will be enlisted with your new personality.


8. What do I would on the off chance that I like to change to Outlook.com and the name of my Hotmail account isn't accessible?

@ Outlook.com is another area open to clients. The initial ones that arrive take the names they need. The sooner they have their new address, the more probable they have the address they need.

9. How to come back to Hotmail from Outlook.com?

On the off chance that for reasons unknown you are despising the Outlook.com involvement basically you can come back to Hotmail amid the review time frame. Here the how:

· Click on the design symbol (a rigging) alongside your name in the upper right corner.

· In the menu that is shown, the choice "Come back to Hotmail" shows up, click and go.

10. Who do I utilize on the off chance that I have inquiries regarding Outlook.com?

In the assistance and methodology focal point of Outlook.com you can find solutions to basic inquiries.


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