How to transfer emails from Outlook, Hotmail to Gmail

In the event that you need to utilize Gmail yet at the same time stay with Outlook then you can pick the accompanying arrangement. That is exchanging messages from Outlook, Hotmail to Gmail.

In the past post has educated you how to exchange email from Yahoo to Gmail . In the event that you need to accomplish something comparable with your Outlook letter drop, if it's not too much trouble allude to the accompanying.


Stage 1: First you have to sign in to Outlook with your record.

email standpoint viewpoint hotmail to gmail

Stage 2: Then tap on the wheel on the Outlook menu bar and press Options/Options .

Send standpoint email to gmail

Stage 3: Click on Email sending.

Stage 4: Here you enter your gmail email, at that point check the crate Keep a duplicate of your sent messages in inbox/Keep a duplicate of the sending message in your inbox and afterward spare to wrap up.

send email viewpoint hotmail sign in to gmail, send standpoint email to gmail, send viewpoint to gmail

At last, simply sign in to gmail to get every one of the information simply changed over from Outlook to. It's straightforward, isn't that so?

So we have quite recently acquainted you how with exchange emaill from Outlook, Hotmail to Gmail. These days, other than work email, most clients simply utilize an email to contact. In this manner, you ought to forward every other email to a similar record for simple administration. Additionally allude to Retrieve Email sent in Gmail for more points of interest.


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