Microsoft finishes migrating Hotmail users to, adds direct SkyDrive sharing

At the point when Microsoft took open, it additionally went up against the fairly overwhelming assignment of moving 300 million or more Hotmail accounts over to the more present day foundation without drawing our rage. Anyway you feel about the new interface, that progress is finally entire: is currently the sole front end for the more than 400 million individuals who utilize Microsoft's free email administrations. Both locations and Hotmail Plus records will continue working notwithstanding the switch, the organization says.

To check the event, Microsoft is propelling two noteworthy updates. It's including more tightly SkyDrive joining that gives clients a chance to connect documents straightforwardly from their SkyDrive accounts, including upgraded photograph connections. The individuals who depend on email nom de plumes will likewise like that Microsoft has at long last given us a chance to pick a SMTP server to send messages from non-Outlook addresses without uncovering the genuine source - we won't need to endure "for the benefit of" labels any more. The two highlights are taking off today.


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