Placeholder image hints at Metro style Hotmail redesign

A placeholder picture in a Microsoft login screen proposes that another search for Hotmail could be en route.

With Windows 8 numerous parts of the Microsoft encounter are getting a Metro style makeover, and it would appear that that may very well incorporate Hotmail too. LiveSide has posted a picture of another Microsoft account login screen, which indicates what could be another search for the organization's email benefit. It's difficult to assemble much from the small screen capture, yet it shows what has all the earmarks of being a more streamlined interface that looks a lot unique in relation to the current Hotmail sign in and more likened to the Windows 8 mail application. Obviously, this could simply be a placeholder picture, so we don't for beyond any doubt whether it's delegate of the following huge Hotmail overhaul — we'll need to hold up until the point when it in the long run dispatches to know one way or the other.


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