Hotmail's email service turns 20

20 years ago the arrival of Hotmail brought electronic communication to school, business and personal in the world

Notimex - The service, now known as Outlook, was launched on July 4, 1996 by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith, former collaborators of Apple, who in search of new forms of communication created the mail service electronic system that until then was exclusive of institutions.

Only in its first year, the free service reached half a million users and a year later it reached eight million, which made it the first digital service to become globally virile which caught the attention of Microsoft who acquired the firm.

In 2005, in the presence of competing companies such as AOL and Yahoo and Gmail, the service changed its design, speed and upload of files; In addition, he modified the automatic update and added tools that are common today.

By then the service reached new markets with the introduction of more languages. In 2013, the mail was moved to Outlook, which has the option to work in the cloud, office 360 ​​and free storage capacity, among other innovations.


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