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Microsoft acquired Hotmail in December 1997. And now you can choose to upgrade to under "Hotmail" Options. When you upgrade, the Hotmail login name and password, email, and saved rules are automatically migrated to the new inbox. You will not lose any information.

Another interesting feature is provided free of charge called Alias ( roughly translated as Alias ), Microsoft was applying to all Windows Live Hotmail accounts worldwide.

You have an email address for example:, with only one address, you can own 5 more email accounts (virtual) from the main address. If you send an email to the virtual address, it will be forwarded directly to the primary address.

To be able to create 5 more virtual address of hotmail you access the address: Then just enter the address and agree to everything is complete.

At present, Microsoft allows each user to create 5 virtual accounts in one year and a maximum of 50 virtual accounts. Managing the virtual email accounts in the primary account's mailbox is pretty straightforward.

Noticeably, this interesting feature is quite similar to a feature of Gmail that blog H3T has introduced you in previous posts:


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