What are the recommended browsers for Hotmail?

Sometimes, some Hotmail or Outlook users complain about not being able to use certain features of the service. Maybe they still do not know, but this is because they use an old browser version for the Internet.

It really can not be said that there is a single recommended browser to use the Hotmail service and Outlook.com. However, there is a series of browsers that Microsoft advises , which are compatible with Hotmail, because they ensure a complete performance of all its features and the possibility of using Hotmail with the least possible problems.

To get the most out of your hotmail email account and its associated services it is highly recommended that you have your browser updated with the latest version. If you have it outdated, it is likely that some features of the service will work as well as is desirable, or not shown. With older browsers a complete user experience is not guaranteed.

recommended browsers for hotmailFor years, for Microsoft the most natural alternative was its Windows Internet Explorer browser, a browser developed by Microsoft for the Windows operating system in 1995. In 2015, with the arrival of Windows 10, this browser will be replaced by Microsoft Edge. However, Microsoft support pages today recommend several browser options.

According to Microsoft, Hotmail or Outlook.com is, today, absolutely compatible with the following browsers:

If you have older versions and want to fully enjoy the services and utilities of Hotmail, you must update your browser . If you visit the official browser page you will find a download link to update to its most recent version. The operation will only take a few minutes.


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